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Eight new fashion houses in this Paris Fashion Week

Is one of them your favorite brand?

Helena Saadeh


Eight new fashion houses in this Paris Fashion Week

If the Paris Fashion Week is still very busy, the Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion does not seem to want to slow down.  Launched on September 23rd, the week of parades and presentations in Paris will have eight new brands this year. Among them, five brands will make their collections presentations while they will be presenting their collections through fashion shows.  A total of 77 shows are currently on the provisional calendar, but the federation has already indicated that it is still in the coming weeks.

On 23 September, two newcomers to the official calendar will kick off Paris Fashion Week: the Japanese designer Mame Kurogouchi and Kimhékim, the House piloted by Kiminite Kimhékim, which has proven itself in the past at Balenciaga.  Many guests should also be in attendance at the Kwaidan Editions parade on October 1st, to admire the creations of designer duo Léa Dickely and Hung La, who were among the finalists for the Andam Award this year. Another Andam laureate is expected during this Fashion Week: Nicolas Lecourt Mansion, new winner of the Creative Label Award, but also Calvin Duo, who usually travels to New York.  But the most awaited presentations are undoubtedly those of Guillaume Henri at Patou, whose House is relaunched this year by LVMH after thirty years of sleep, and Coperni, the label created by Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant and revived by the duo after their departure from Courrèges in 2017.