Make your lips bigger naturally

Easy routine

Helena Saadeh


Make your lips bigger naturally

At bedtime, apply a lip balm with a very rich texture in a thick layer on your lips, to hydrate and soften.  In the morning, repeat the process and leave the moisturizer on your lips while you finish applying foundation and eyes makeup. Then take a small towel or dry washcloth, and rub your lips to exfoliate dead skin. After, apply a moisturizing base. Use a lip liner. Choose a color that matches your lips, not your lipstick. For the lipstick itself, choose a product with an anti-aging formula, which will help smoothing and plumping. Your lips will look hydrated and supple, but not shiny. However, if you want a real matte powder finish, split a tissue paper, dust a little powder on it, then press it gently on your lips after applying your lipstick.