TBWARAAD reinstates faith in Lebanon

Relocating its offices to the heart of Beirut


TBWARAAD reinstates faith in Lebanon

TBWARAAD has celebrated this week the inauguration of its new offices located on Georges Haddad Avenue in Saifi, at the heart of Beirut’s Central District.

TBWARAAD, which was named among the top ten bravest advertising agencies in the world for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019, has attributed its relocation in these times of uncertainty in the country’s political and economic scenes, to an act of faith in Lebanon and its future, and a continued commitment to providing excellence and innovation to its clients and partners in the country and all across the region.

Ramzi Raad, Founder and Group Chairman of TBWARAAD said: “We hope that our most recent move acts on awakening towards the crucial role that Lebanon has been playing and continues to play in the evolution of advertising in the Arab world since the 1950s and until today”.

TBWARAAD is part of TBWAWorldwide and expands the network’s global presence across the Middle East and North Africa, with offices in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt.

TBWA is the global agency behind the 20th century’s best television commercial, the iconic 1984 ad, which has revolutionized the advertising industry and ranked high on the lists of the most influential commercials of all time. The commercial introduced the world’s most famous logo, the iconic symbol of a renowned computer brand.