Food you should never eat on an empty stomach

They will do you no good

Mariam El Bacha


Food you should never eat on an empty stomach

You probably heard a lot about the benefits of having breakfast in the morning and why is it the most important meal of the day. First, it boosts your metabolism; second it provides all the energy you need to start your day with dynamism. Unfortunately, most of us miss breakfast in the morning, and probably just eat anything sparingly, as we are usually in a hurry every morning before going to school or work.

When you wake up hungry, you might just grab anything in the kitchen that comes your way and eat it. However, it may not always be right to eat what we feel like on an empty stomach, as certain food might cause damage to your stomach, even if it looks very healthy such as fruits and vegetables. Thus, you must be cautious.
So, what are the foods you should avoid eating in the morning, on an empty stomach, according to nutritionists?


1-    Citrus Foods
Some feel like eating oranges or grapefruit first thing in the morning. Sure citrus fruits are good for your health in general, but that’s not the case when your stomach is empty. Eating citrus fruits on an empty stomach may increase acid production in your gut. Moreover, too much fiber and fructose can also slow down your digestive system if eaten on an empty stomach.


2-    Raw Vegetables
Sorry salad-lovers and diet-conscious people for this breaking news, but salads can be harmful to your empty stomach in the morning, it should be avoided. Raw vegetables or a salad are full of heavy fibers which put an extra load on an empty stomach. They can also cause abdominal pain when eaten on an empty stomach.


3-    Cold Beverages

Iced coffee, iced tea, cold lemonade and juices are not the best option you can have on an empty stomach. Drinking iced beverages including soda and other sugary drinks on an empty stomach may damage your mucous membrane and slow down your digestion throughout the day. You can go for lukewarm beverages which help you kick starting your system and your metabolism. 

4-    Coffee
What’s better than having a cup of hot coffee in the morning before the day kicks in? Almost each one of us has this morning habit. Coffee seems to be an easy way of breaking from sleep. However, drinking coffee on an empty stomach may lead to acidity in the digestive system which causes gastritis for some people.