Face Masks Celebrities Favorite Accessory amidst Coronavirus

Naomi Campbell went to the next level

Mariam El Bacha


Face Masks Celebrities Favorite Accessory amidst Coronavirus

Coronavirus caused global panic. People are becoming more cautious about their cleanliness; however, you need to be extra cautious if you have to travel a lot moving from an airport to another. That’s the case with celebrities, who are always travelling; they are more exposed to germs thus catching the coronavirus. Therefore, Arab and international stars were seen taking prevention measures at the airport by wearing face masks, gloves and even suits to be safe.

Joelle Mardinian wore a unique face mask which had colorful crystals embellishments, while Naomi Campbell took it to the next level by slipping some hooded romper suit with gloves, and a face mask. One funny tweet shared on social media was a picture of a facemask with very expensive necklace around it. It is said to be Ahlam’s face mask against corona.