7 Fashion Podcasts to Listen during Lockdown

Know all about Fashion’s latest updates

Alexandra Belooussova


7 Fashion Podcasts to Listen during Lockdown

Staying at home for several weeks can quickly become the main source of boredom. To entertain yourself during lockdown, why don’t you keep an eye, or rather an ear, on the latest fashion news? Here is a selection of the best Podcasts you can listen to without moderation.


1- Le Chiffon

Anonymous or known, Valérie Tribes invites men and women to speak freely about their connection with fashion, style and clothing in general and their vision.

2- Fashion No Filter

A fun podcast which deals with various issues, with experts, related to fashion and society, including the “Instagram generation” and the monetization of influencers.


3- Dior Talks

British author Katy Hessel interviews in each episode of the podcast, a guest chosen from Dior designers and friends.


4- Institut Français de la Mode

In each episode, you can listen to lectures about art, literature, music and even history.


5- Entreprendre dans la mode

This podcast interviews many entrepreneurs and actors in the fashion business such as creators, press officers, journalists or even influencers to tell their personal experience.


6- Pop Fashion

Pop Fashion will keep you update on the latest news, fashion news, as well as the opinion on different celebrities’ style.


7- Habitudes

Actors, musicians and even politicians will tell how they dress, and why, in Habitudes podcast.