How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Luxury Spa

It’s Easier Than You Think!

Hala Fayad


How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Luxury Spa

Why go to the Spa, when you can create your own inside your bathroom? You definetly need some relaxation right now to manage your stress better during lockdown. Thus, we will give you some tips to have the spa experience while staying at home.


  1. Candles

It’s all about recreating the spa atmosphere, that doesn’t include any strong lightning. Therefore, light up some candles and decorate your bathroom with it for a more relaxing experience.


  1. Music

Also, Spas use soft light music that improves your mood, thus, try to listen to a relaxing music while having the spa experience at home.


  1. Bathtub

You don’t need a jacuzzi to recreate your luxury spa experience at home. You just need to know how to decorate your bathtub, by adding candles around or rose petals. Also, try one of those bath bombs which relaxes your body and soften your skin.


  1. Essential Oils

Well, they are very essential when recreating the spa experience. As the scent of essential oils have an amazing effect on your body in terms of relaxation and meditation. For instance, Lavender is used to relax your body, and Musk or bergamot oils helps you feel refreshed.


  1. Tools

You might need some massaging tools or anything that will help in taking care of your body, such as a body scrub, lotions, pumice stone, jade rollers… Also, don’t forget to bring your bathrobe.


  1. Crystals and gems

This one is optional. Add some healing crystals and gems to your home spa experience, not just for decoration but for their healing benefits. For example, Amethyst crystals relieve stress, balances mood swings, and dissolves negativity.