Having bad dreams? Here’s What it Means!

A Psychologists explains unusual dreams during lockdown

Vanessa Haber


Having bad dreams? Here’s What it Means!

Since the beginning of lockdown, our imagination has been playing tricks on us during the night and causing some really weird nightmares. The psychologist and psychoanalyst Gérard Pavy revealed the reasons behind those nightmares or unusual dreams.


Childhood Anxieties

Gérard Pavy says that the anxiety we live in right now during lockdown awakens in us the anxieties of childhood and adolescence. We all have a bag of memories, repressed fears, trauma from these life periods. “The external danger related to the coronavirus as well as lockdown reactivate them. It reflects these memories and gives us the illusion that our anxieties are real and that they are relevant”, the psychologist explains.


Give the Situation a Meaning

Gérard confirms "A dream makes the fear possible and weaves a story around it to give it a meaning”, which allows your brain to release fears and negative emotions. These nightmares also witness "the fight of the good against the evil, this epidemic represents a danger coming from the outside.”


Minimize their Importance

Unsurprisingly, there is no need to panic! Dreams proves that a person is alive and feels things. We only worry when "things become intense, thus, we have sleepless nights" adds Gérard Pavy. If these nightmares are making you unable to function properly, consider consulting an expert.

Gérard emphasizes that you should avoid reading or watching information about the pandemic just before sleeping, instead read something interesting, meditate, do yoga...