Lojain & Aseel Omran Criticized heavily Ramez’s Prank Show

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Hala Fayad


Lojain & Aseel Omran Criticized heavily Ramez’s Prank Show

Ramez Gilal’s yearly prank shows on Ramadan have witnessed a lot of criticism and controversy about whether they are funny or humiliating and overrated. Saudi host Lojain Omran and her sister Aseel Omran gave their opinion about “Ramez Majnoun Asli” this year’s Ramez Gilal prank show which is broadcast on MBC.


Lojain Omran shared a snap while watching an episode of the prank show and said: “Don’t try to convince me that these people know previously that they will be pranked… what a shame!”

Her sister the Saudi artist Aseel had also some comments about Ramez’s show: “How can you see a man shaking like that? That’s unacceptable!... If the guest already knows that he’s being pranked then he deserves it, but look at this guy, he’s shaking, not funny at all, more like heartbreaking.”

Also, Lojain made a point when she commented on her snap saying:” It seems like some guests know what they’re going to be pranked while others they attend thinking they’re filming a commercial and then they get shocked…” She added referring to Ramez Galal, noting that she was pranked as well in the past years: ”I feel guilty sometimes for hitting him and cursing him, but now after seeing what he has done with these people, it is well-deserved! His show is a huge humiliation unfortunately!”