Assala Opens Up about Her Missing Tarek Al Aryan

What does she regret most?

Vanessa Haber


Assala Opens Up about Her Missing Tarek Al Aryan

Syrian star Assala announced earlier this year her divorce from director Tarek Al Aryan asking everyone to stay out of it for the sake of her children.

However, Assala broke her silence and told The Insider that her family misses Tarek Al Aryan this Ramadan, and that she regrets taking some decisions, and thinks of apologizing especially during this Holy month.

Assala stated in a phone call with The Insider: “We all miss Tarek for sure”. After she was asked whether Tarek would be invited for Iftar, Assala replied: “I don’t know what the circumstances will be.”

“There’s a lot going on my mind lately, I regret some reactions I made earlier. I surely committed big mistakes… and now I’m looking for a way to apologize, because I don’t remember what was the cause”, Assala said.

She also mentioned that when you have a lot of responsibilities to deal with, it might break you and make you say things or react in a bad way, which will be regretted later.