Foods Killing Your Sexual Desire Without knowing

Avoid them as much as possible!

Hala Fayyad


Foods Killing Your Sexual Desire Without knowing

Food affects almost everything; mood, health, weight, beauty, and even your libido! In fact, the foods in your daily diet can have effects on your sex life. It can affect positively, increasing your sexual abilities and desires, however some foods slow down sex drive and desire.

Which foods are ruining your sex drive?




Most of us cannot start a day without drinking coffee. But what people don’t know is that coffee can affect the adrenal glands, limiting its function to regulate your body's reaction to stress, thus, you will feel stressed out most of the time. While stress and emotional pressure can result in ruining your sexual desires. Therefore, it is recommended to drink one cup of coffee or 2 max per day.


Canned foods


Canned goods contain a large amount of sodium, which slow blood circulation in the body. Thus, when consuming a lot of canned foods, the levels of potassium in the body will decrease and blood flow will reduce its pace to the genitals.




Soybeans can greatly affect the hormonal imbalance, which reduces your sexual desire. It is better to stay away from soy products.


Soft drinks


In addition to causing dehydration and overweight, these drinks are the worst enemy of your sexual life, as they lead to sexual dysfunction. Thus, they should be avoided.


Processed cheese


All processed foods in general have a negative impact on your health and sexual life as well, including processed cheese. Although they claim to be extracted from natural cow's milk, they are actually treated with antibiotics and synthetic growth hormones. These processed foods lead to estrogen production decrease in the body, which reduces sexual desire.