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How to Make your Neutral Outfit Anything but Boring?

Neutrals shades can give you a sophisticated feminine look

Hanane Tabet


How to Make your Neutral Outfit Anything but Boring?

Sure we love bright bold colors for summer, however, neutral colors will never fail to grab our attention for their chic feminine twist yet refreshing colors for summer. A neutral palette is, just like denim, essential to creating a strong wardrobe foundation, and neutral looks have this chic timeless quality and effortless elegance that we just love.

Neutral tones aren’t just black, white and grey, but include also warm shades such as ivory, beige, taupe, khaki or brown.

Sticking to creamy, brownish, and beige tones, will make mix and match easier than ever, as all neutrals go together seamlessly! When styling a monochrome outfit, you have to think about how you can play with layering textures and structures in order to make your neutral outfit anything but boring.

All you need to master neutral-toned dressing is inspiration and layering. Feeling skeptical?  Check our favorite looks and our tips on how to style a neutral outfit.



Full neutral colors

Nothing is easier than to wear neutral-tone outfit from head to toe! You can stick to one neutral color for the whole outfit. However, for a more sophisticated look, wear slightly different hues of the same color such as white, ivory and beige or white.



Play with texture

The trick of styling full neutral outfit is to make it less boring and more edgy by picking some statement neutral pieces embellished with lace, cut-outs or made out of wool, linen… and match it with a softer texture like silk, cotton, satin.



Add bold colors

You can always choose basic neutral colors for the outfit and add bold colors to it through accessories and jewelries, for instance, add yellow, red, or prints to make a statement.




Add structure

Ruffles, fringes, pleats, waistbands, wraps or puffs details within your outfit will definitely change your neutral styling game. Do not hesitate to give your neutral outfit a sophisticated twist through structured pieces.


Add structures to neutrals look



 How to choose the right neutral palette? 

Are you wondering what are the best neutral colors for your skin tone? We have the answer right here:

If you have warm skin tones, like Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian: cream, taupe, cappuccino, and mushroom gray (brown or beige, with gray in it) are perfect for you.

If you have cool skin like Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman, go for bright white, cool gray (amixture of black, white, and a hint of blue),and navy will look great on you.

If you have neutral skin tones like Angelina Jolie, Kerry Washington, and Julia Roberts, choose neutral colors such off-whites, black, medium gray, and coffee.