Acne Studios’ Brand New N3W Sneaker

Translucent clear sneaker in limited quantity

Adrien Communier / Madame Figaro


Acne Studios’ Brand New N3W Sneaker

Acne Studio is recreating sneakers with transparent feature, and guess what? They won’t be available for everyone.


After the madness over the plexi heels, will we witness the transparent sneaker soon? Well, Acne Studios is apparently launching the trend; the Swedish brand has just released its N3W sneaker in a transparent version with candy pink insole.



If the rest of the shoe looks similar to the original model launched at the beginning of the year by the brand, this pioneer twist should give a futuristic look to the 150 lucky ones who will be able to get it first.



For this new project, the brand called on the sneaker reviewer Brad Hall who is featured in a humorous video, to showcase the N3W sneaker.

“I always think about what’s interesting to me about a shoe. And it’s obvious that this shoe is fully transparent. It’s not a new thing to have a translucent or semi-translucent shoe, but the N3W Transparent sneaker takes this even further,” says Brad Hall.


To celebrate the new release of the new design, Acne Studios has worked hand in hand with the sneaker retailer Afterdrop Paris, which has ten pairs for resale.