Need Flawless Eyebrows? Here’s How

No need for a professional to do it for you!


Need Flawless Eyebrows? Here’s How

If you want your eyebrows to be on fleek, grab those tweezers and try out the tips and tricks we have in store for you.


Determine where your brow starts and ends

To determine where your brow should start, line up the tweezers with the outer edge of your nose and the inner edge of your eye.

To see where it’s supposed to end, line up the instrument from the edge of your nose to the outer corner of your eye.


Determine the highest point of your arch

Put the instrument parallel to the outside corner of your eye and angle the instrument diagonally from your nose to the outer corner of your eye.


Brush your brow hairs up

Using a small eyebrow brush, brush the hairs up to figure out the hairs that need to be plucked or cut. But be careful to not over-pluck!


Finish the look

Softly fill in the spaces with a pencil. Brush through your brows to soften the color and make your brows look more natural. Finally, apply gel while brushing for the last time to set the hairs in place.