A surprise from Hermès to Saudi Arabia and UAE

Hanane Tabet


A surprise from Hermès to Saudi Arabia and UAE

Seems like Hermès created a platform that equals a physical in-store experience, as the house announced the launch of in both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

This well curated website will allow people in both countries to feel the Parisian vibe and access to a wide range of ready-to-wear staples and accessories as well as homeware and beauty products, and have the ultimate live experience with some window displays.

While the UAE features three Hermès stores, this smart platform will establish the first step of the Parisian house inside Saudi Arabia, being the first retail outlet in the country.


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You’re lucky if you’re a UAE or KSA resident, because you will not only benefit from all of the above, you will also have VIP access to new content associated with regional events and cultural programs will be posted with the aim of strengthening service and visitor experience. combines creativity and authenticity of an e-commerce website, offering the convenience of online shopping to the region for the first time. Articles and features will be also part of the creative and rich content you will have reach to.

In addition to all the features available through the website, Hermès guarantees its commitment to sustainable development, for example through the “Empreintes sur le monde” films by Frédéric Laffont, which show the house’s craftsmanship model and how it seeks to have a positive impact on the world. That’s another reason why this platform will be your ultimate go-to.

You can access the digital store in Saudi Arabia through this link:

and in the UAE through: is not only a retail shop, it’s a fashion guide.