The most precise brow pencils for thicker eyebrows

Christina Jaber


The most precise brow pencils for thicker eyebrows

You’d be surprised of the change a brow pencil can make, it’s definitely a must-have beauty product in your vanity box. If you haven’t already read our very useful guide on the easy tips and tricks for thicker eyebrows, then all you’ve got to do is read the guide, follow the steps and buy that brow pencil that will change your life and ta-da! You’ve got thick, natural and beautifully-shaped brows.

As we will be listing some of our favorite and most precise ones, we recommend you always choose one shade below your skin tone, to avoid exaggerated color. 





Brow Perfector - NARS

This product helps you create natural and full brows. It has a rich velvety-soft formula and a brush to blend harsh lines. 







Precisely my brow pencil- Benefit cosmetics

The product to swear by. Add some magic to your daily beauty routine with this ultra-precise pencil for really defined brows.






Brow Wow Duo – Marc Jacobs Beauty

It serves as two products in one, making it easy to achieve thick, natural-looking brows. The soft, powder-like pencil allows you to create the perfect shape, while the tinted gel keeps hairs neatly groomed all day long.






Eyebrow Pencil - Givenchy

Thanks to its very fine lead, this pencil allows for precise application creating defined, precisely drawn brows. Made up of intense pigments, its formula offers a powdery matte finish.






Micro Brow Pencil - Nyx

A dual-ended tool that helps to create fuller, thicker-looking brows with ease.

Featuring an ultra-fine tip for precise, mistake-free application, the mechanical pencil fills in sparse brows with natural, hair-like color.






Shape and Shade brow tint – Mac Cosmetics

Also a dual-ended brow tool designed to define and set brows with ease by fusing the power of liquid and powder in one product.