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Joyful Jewelry Pieces from Arab Designers To Offer or Wear on Valentine’s Day

Christina Jaber


Joyful Jewelry Pieces from Arab Designers To Offer or Wear on Valentine’s Day

Our focus is definitely on the 14th of February, because not only Valentine’s day is so special, but it’s a way to unleash your inner romantic girl and express your love to the ones around you, and doing that in style definitely makes the day even better. So why don’t we turn our imagination on? You’re in a black dress at a fancy sky-view restaurant with your on-point Valentine-inspired makeup, a moment to remember forever. But your look and the vibe won’t be ready for a romantic and elegant night without your jewels. And if you keep scrolling, you’ll find some really fancy and joyful jewelry pieces to offer to your loved ones or to elevate your look and make everyone’s eyes on you.


From the Valentine collection - Lana Al Kamal Jewelry

You’ll be the most eye-catching with Lana Al Kamal Jewelry’s love-inspired exclusive collection “Words of Gold”, with Arabic calligraphy pieces in both diamond and gold.



The Sunbeam earrings - Alia Bin Omair

These 18-karats gold earring are definitely adding some glam to your look with the turquoise stones. Style then with a minimalist outfit on Valentine’s night and you’ll look charming.



The Montelupo Earrings - Zagh Jewelry

With the romantic mood kicking off, these 18-karat rose gold earrings are definitely a piece of art that goes well with a beautiful night.



Erupt Necklace - Jude Benhalim

Inspired by the beauty that follows a volcanic eruption, the Erupt Necklace features a custom-made, recycled Resin stone with a beautiful cracked lava effect.





Jadela Rose-gold bracelet – Lillian Ismail

A truly iconic and elegant piece. It’s a modern interpretation of the traditional hair braiding practice reinvented in gold and diamonds.