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The Kuwaiti jewelry label creating magical designs inspired by Arab architecture and history

Christina Jaber


The Kuwaiti jewelry label creating magical designs inspired by Arab architecture and history

Inspired by the architecture of the Arab world, OŪMÄEM is a fine luxury jewelry brand fashioning a contemporary version of every traditional form, a unique perspective with a creative jewelry designer reaching the mind and heart of each one of us.



Anas Alomaim, founder of the brand and passionate for architecture and design, which he mixes in every collection.


“The foundation of design is similar to that of architecture, especially with regard to jewelry” says the designer in one of the interviews.


And yes, while scrolling through the pieces, we loved the perfectly magical combination between architecture and design.



OŪMÄEM focuses on regionalist designs that aim to produce ethically sourced and locally made adorned pieces reflective of a new identity. The design process takes abstract vernacular objects developed into new designs that follows constructed regulating lines in order to produce asymmetrical yet balanced designs with a recognized identity.


With architecture at the core of each design, mathematics, geometry and scientific processes became the tools that makes the jewelry. OŪMÄEM is a brand that celebrates diversity, unity and inclusion in the form of a new unique tradition.


OŪMÄEM crafted each design by using a coordinate system as a template to construct and break specific grids for each piece. The focus of each design begins with a single diamond shifted off-center. A single baguette-cut ruby is always included to tip the balance of the design. The ruby baguettes also act as a guide on how to wear the pieces and to further emphasize the concept of decentralization and alternative standards of beauty. The ruby is not a depiction of a brand; rather it us used as a representation of the native elements and the keystone of the entire design.