Your Dream Lip Color? Chanel's New App Lipscanner Will Help You Find It

Justine Feutry – Madame Figaro


Your Dream Lip Color? Chanel's New App Lipscanner Will Help You Find It

There is the sweater that we love to which we would like to coordinate our lipstick. There are the lipsticks that we spot on Instagram or in the pages of a magazine, that we would also love to  rock.

Finding the perfect lipstick and especially knowing if that the shade that we love is suitable for us or no is not an easy task. However, Chanel chose to make things simple by developing an application that helps you find that coveted perfect shade of lipstick.

Thought like Shazam, an application that helps its user to identify a song, this innovation allows the clients to scan a color, an object or a picture in order to find its match in the Chanel lipstick collection, through the Color Picking feature.

Once the match is found, you can also test the result on your lips with a selfie by using the Virtual Try On feature. All of this happens before even placing an order. Beyond identifying colors, the artificial intelligence of LIPSCANNER also identifies the textures, be it matte or shiny.

This ingenious system is the result of months of collaboration between the CX Lab and Chanel’s Make-Up Creation Studio.

Together, they were able to conceive an exclusive algorithm and trained it to develop the ability to analyze on tens of thousands of facial images. This algorithm should grow richer progressively with the brand’s new products.

A world first exclusive to Chanel, which should satisfy all those who spend hours looking through the archives of sites and other blogs to find THE color. The only limit? The range of colors is obviously restricted to the label's catalog (which is still 400 lip products). Those looking for eccentric shades like Rihanna's blue will simply move on. But for others, the app has real means to convince.



Chanel’s Lipscanner is available for iPhones via Apple’s App Store now.