This Luxe Ring Is The Perfect New Beauty Tool

By Justine Feutry – Madame Figaro
19 Feb,2021

Created by Chanel’s nail artist, this gorgeous jewel will have every beauty professional obsess over.

Its name sums it all up. The “Artist Palette Ring” was designed by Betina Goldstein, the nail art sensation and Instagram star with 341 K followers. The Chanel nail artist launched her brand of fine jewelry but also luxury accessories to make life easier for passionate make-up artists and beauty lovers, reinventing their work tools by guaranteeing extra glamour.

For now, we can find on the website of the brand “Doublemoss Arte”, a set of elegant golden brushes. And above all, this ring which brings together the two passions of the designer, makeup and nail polish. Behind its jewel-like design, it displays another advantage: it can hold foundation, concealer or gloss to avoid putting the makeup tools on the back of your hands.



It is indeed adorned with two hollows and grooves to contain and mix the products. But also, a flat surface to remove excess product from the brushes.

Goldstein, who regularly posts examples of inspiring nail art, also shows that this ring is the perfect practical creation for drawing artistic patterns on the nails.



Moreover, the ring can be cleaned with makeup remover but has also been designed to resist alcohol and acetone. Betina Goldstein explains that she came up with this innovation because she always encountered the same problem: a lack of space. Hence the idea of ​​creating this palette ring "not only practical and durable but also pretty".

On her Instagram account, followers’ feedback was enthusiastic and positive, which actually has us predicting a bright future for this ring launched on February 14 for $ 96.