Here's How Maya Nassar Is Creating Her Definition Of Success

Christina Jaber


Here's How Maya Nassar Is Creating Her Definition Of Success

Lebanese fitness star Maya Nassar is best known for being a mother, entrepreneur, athlete, an international fitness model champion and a business owner. Just recently, she became a published author and launched her very first book for children called “Andy the Ant.”


Andy The Ant By Maya Nassar 


She was the first Lebanese fitness entrepreneur to be featured in Forbes India and constantly surprises her followers with her achievements, along with inspiring thousands of women around the region.

Fitness is not only Maya’s passion! As a newly published author, she finally turned her dream into a reality and started her own series of books for children. Keep on scrolling to find out more.


Changing her lifestyle

As a teenager and young woman, Maya Nassar, like millions of girls worldwide, struggled with being overweight and lacked self-confidence. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she realized that she is responsible for her lifestyle and decided to change for the better. She started going to the gym and followed a healthy diet. In total, she dropped of 20 kilograms of fat and five dress sizes. As she lost weight, she discovered a new passion for fitness. Soon enough, Maya became an international cover model and fitness champion. She also became the first female in history to be endorsed by an Arab government to represent Lebanon in her competitions abroad. Maya wanted to share her passion of fitness with others and help anyone else who was struggling to reach their fitness goals. This is when she founded her online platform called Start Living Right which offered free information, advice, tools, diet plans and training programs for free. Her Start Living Right application is endorsed by the Lebanese ministry of sports and has been ranked as the number one app the the Apple Store.


Andy The Ant: Maya’s first book for children

Maya has a passion for writing and always dreamed of publishing her own book. After being inspired by her son Andrew and his love for books, she decided to turn her dream into a reality. With her mother's help, they created a book that will bring families together to enjoy their love of reading. "Andy the Ant" is a tale of adventure that will boost your child’s self-confidence and help them discover that they are special and unique.

Throughout this book, children join Andy as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Envying bigger, longer, faster, and scarier species, he eventually discovers that there is no other quite like him. "This book provides a delightful way to explore your child's thoughts and feelings while boosting their self-confidence just like Andy!" affirms Jessica Dandan – MA, Ph.D. Candidate, Clinical Psychologist.

You can find "Andy the Ant" at Librairie Antoine in bookshops around Lebanon, which is also available online. The book will soon be in bookshops in Dubai (through Ciel), and Maya Nassar will soon have it on Amazon.