These Stunning Henna Designs Are A Treat To The Eyes

Christina Jaber


These Stunning Henna Designs Are A Treat To The Eyes

The beautiful temporary body art, so-called Henna, caught our attention lately. With Ramadan month being just around the corner, we decided to hop on the festive trends as soon as possible, and we’re starting with henna. After all, we need some positivity and creativity in our lives because of everything we have been going through.

Not only we noticed the fun and unique henna designs, but we also saw some artists taking henna art to a whole new level, and we loved that.

The body art, that’s been there since ancient Egypt, has evolved and the newest designs make a great revolution in the henna world.

From simple, chic, elegant and stylish designs on to some traditional, vintage and unique ones. Here are our favorites spotted on Henna designers’ Instagram accounts in the Arab world, and mostly based in the UAE.


White and Black Glitter henna featuring a dream catcher.



Elegant, chic and arabesque.



Simple and Boho cool vibes



The beauty of complications



A striking design






A blend of organic Henna and Hengua