This Is Why the Royals Will Not Wear Military Uniforms to Prince Philip’s Funeral

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This Is Why the Royals Will Not Wear Military Uniforms to Prince Philip’s Funeral

The Queen of England, Elisabeth II, made an exceptional decision this only one time regarding the dress code of the senior British members of the Royal family at the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh. 

With Prince Philip's funeral set to take place on Saturday, April 17, the Daily Mail reveals that senior Royals will all wear regular suits, not military uniforms as tradition usually requires.

According to a source close to Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II took this decision to avoid the embarrassment of Prince Harry and Prince Andrew. But why? Keep scrolling for the details. In fact, her grandson Harry, defeated of his military titles, including that of General Captain of the Royal Marines, is no longer allowed to wear the usual military uniform.  As for the queen's son, involved in the Epstein affair, he asked to wear the Royal Navy admiral's uniform, but several arguments worked against his request. Yes, he’s still vice-admiral of the Royal Navy and still has his military titles, but he has ended his public engagements since November 2019 because of his relation to the case of sex trafficking in minors by Jeffrey Epstein. This scandal also drove him to refuse the post of admiral.

To avoid having Harry and Andrew from being the only ones dressed in civilian clothes, Elizabeth II decided that no one would wear a military uniform. Men will therefore wear a suit - or a jacket - with a black tie, and women will show up in full black outfits.


Family tributes

Prince Philip passed away on April 9 at the age of 99, leaving a "big void" in his wife's life. The British royal family will make their last farewells to the Duke of Edinburgh on Saturday in a small committee due to the health situation. Among the guests, will undoubtedly be the four children of the royal couple, Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Princes Andrew and Edward, withtheir children.

Since Prince Philip left this world, and his children and grandchildren are paying tribute to his soul. Prince William posted a heartwarming photo of the Duke of Edinburgh leading his eldest son Prince George in a horse-drawn carriage. Prince Harry has said his grandfather will always have a place in his heart, in Meghan’s, Archie’s and their unborn daughter’s hearts.