Discover Meghan Markle’s well-being daily habits

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Discover Meghan Markle’s well-being daily habits

Flexible vegan, yoga, Pilates and running ... Two and a half years after her marriage to Prince Harry, here are the well-being habits followed by the Duchess of Sussex.

It was the most anticipated wedding of 2018. On May 19, at Saint George's Chapel in Windsor Castle, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married. All eyes were on the future bride at that time. However, we were and still are taken by her perfect body and glowing skin, so we took the opportunity to dig deep on the web to discover her eating and sports habits and we are listing them below. 


A flexible vegan

The Duchess of Sussex follows a very specific diet. In May 2016, in an interview with “Best Health magazine”, Meghan Markle confessed to being "vegan on weekdays and a little more flexible on weekends". By “flexible” the 39-year-old American implies having fun: “I can eat fries all day and I love pasta. I love carbs, who doesn't love carbs? ” In a video shot for Shape website, in 2013, Prince Harry's wife also confided to be "a great gourmet", and loves burgers, as well as Italian and Mexican cuisines.





Zero restriction

If her diet remains healthy, Meghan Markle ensures that she does not subject her body to any food restriction: "I think that if you deprive yourself of a food, you will want to eat it even more. So I give my body what it wants” She says in the same video interview. “It's all about balance. It's not a diet, but rather an eating lifestyle,” she explained in the pages of Best Health magazine. The only foods that the young woman deprives herself of are those that can make her "lethargic", those that lead to fatigue, in other words very fatty and sweet foods.

Meghan Markle draws her energy from time to time in green juices, and specifies that she does not drink coffee. According to her, "this stuff ends up hurting you". Her final advice? "Know your body and what works for you and you will be fine”.


Yoga, Pilates and jogging

If the soon to be 40 does not deprive herself of any food, it is also because she is faithful to her sports sessions. When her Instagram account was still open (the young woman left social networks in January 2018 as per royal the protocol), we could see her exercise and do Pilates. “My health, my state of mind, the feeling you get after a workout… All of these things make me workout at home or go to the gym,” she told Women's Health magazine in September 2017. “Sometimes the thought of working out is absolutely dreadful, but I always remember how great I'm going to feel afterwards".




Meditation and yoga

In addition to revealing her favorite beauty products earlier in 2020, Meghan Markle made it quite obvious that she is particularly fond of her yoga sessions. “My mother was a yoga instructor, so this practice is in my blood,” she tells Women’s Health magazine. The Duchess of Sussex clearly has a preference for athletic yoga like "intense vinyasa, and it's even better if it's explosive hip-hop, done in a dark room with candles lit" she says.


If she doesn’t have much time, Meghan Markle goes for a jog with her dog. This not only allows her to continue to stay in shape, but also to meditate.


“Running has always been my form of moving meditation. I savor these moments because it allows me to clear my head” she says.


Finally, the young woman makes it a point of honor to optimize her mental well-being. “I give myself the luxury of being able to be unavailable. I always take an hour to decompress, watch TV mindlessly, snuggle up with my dog. It's all part of the investment. It's a balance” she told Women’s Health last September.