The Soap Brows Technique Is Taking TikTok By Storm

Christina Jaber


The Soap Brows Technique Is Taking TikTok By Storm

TikTok is bringing new steps to your makeup routine with its daily viral beauty techniques.

I’m pretty sure we can now confirm that we’re stalking TikTok influencers for the latest beauty hacks. For more than a year now, and with the ongoing pandemic and lockdowns, TikTok became our ultimate source of entertainment in fashion, beauty, cooking, lifestyle and literally everything in life.

When it comes to beauty tips and tricks, the evidence we present to our girlfriends is “it works because I saw it on TikTok”, and I remember how I tried many beauty trends that went viral on the platform, starting with the rice water hack, to the slugging skincare hack which turned into a routine, and some viral makeup products that are staying in my makeup pouch like L’Oréal’s Infallible powder.

Today, I’m here with a new beauty hack that’s blowing up on TikTok: The Soap Brows technique.

Spikey brows are definitely a thing right now, but getting the perfect version of them without having to buy that pricey brow gel is what we all really want, and TikTok is her for us.

Meet the “soap brows” technique and you’ll thank us later.



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While our eyes and eyebrows are having their moments as we keep wearing our masks, we need to make sure they look flawless and the brows play a huge role. So, instead of using a brow gel, we are first spraying our brow brush with a facial mist, then we are rubbing it on a soap bar (for a gel-like residue) and then we are brushing our brows with it.

Not only they will gain some shine, but they will also look more voluminous.


What about the last step?

The last step in adjusting the brows so they take a rectangular shape, and here comes the controversy. Some love the bushy eyebrows, especially the way they become full and vertical, while others prefer a more elegant and “in-place” type of look. So, if you’re type 1, then you’ll have to skip the last step in the video.


Our thoughts on the technique?

Well, we say it’s the secret to feathery brows and there’s enough proof for it to actually go viral.