Everything You Need To Know About Lymphatic Drainage Massage

And here’s where you can find it in Dubai

Christina Jaber


Everything You Need To Know About Lymphatic Drainage Massage

You can call me the spa freak from now on, because I really am, especially with all the techniques that give me the best relaxation time after my long work days. After my crush over Ayurvedic Head Massage, I think it’s time to invest in a new massage I’ve been spotting on Spa menus and my Instagram feed lately: The Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

This massage claims to help flush toxins, reduce bloating, give extra immunity and most importantly, it’s said to help in weight loss, So which of that is a truth and which is a myth is what you’ll discover in the following. Did we mention that Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber and many cool girls are already into lymphatic drainage massage?

And yes, we’ve rounded up the places where you can get a lymphatic drainage massage in Dubai.


First, what’s the lymphatic network?

It’s a network of vessels and organs that lies under your skin, making sure to cleanse your body. Linda Koehler, PhD, an assistant professor of physical therapy and rehabilitation medicine at the University of Minnesota told Women’s Health magazine that “It's what protects us from getting an infection”, so massaging the area equals sanitizing your body more.


So does a special massage for the area make our body more sanitized?

The lymphatic drainage massage starts and the central part of the body and moves towards the extremities. Dr. Koehler also explains that “You would first start by massaging the regional lymph nodes to 'empty' the nodes to get them ready to take on more fluid”. When it comes to its relaxing effect, it actually is as relaxing as tension releasing, so if you’re tired and not feeling so well, this massage can actually make you feel better. But when it comes to being a real remedy, there is not enough research on whether it’s a healing massage or not.

And when it comes to weight loss, no it doesn’t burn fat (since there’s no research and evidence on that) but it actually reduces bloating and water retention, so pictures of before and after the lymphatic drainage massage show a difference (it can be temporary though).




So if you’re willing to start the extremely relaxing massage that “promotes a contouring effect while also promoting relaxation”, as described by the famous massage therapist Flavia Lanini, you can find the right spas and centers in Dubai if you keep scrolling.



The Scandanavian Physiotherapy Center in Jumeirah Lakes Towers in Dubai

This center features the Lumphatic Drainage Massage and more with several professionals. For reservation, you can call this number 04 5516126. Get to know more on their official website here




Slim Spa Dubai

It’s a result-driven spa located in sheikh Zayed Road, Oasis Mall at the third floor. For reservation call this number 043437987, and you can visit their website here to know more.




Armonia Spa Dubai

It’s a modern Spa center in Dubai with multiple massage packages. Choose the lymphatic drainage massage and deep clean your body. Call

971581230477 for reservation, and visit their website here for more information.