The Low Poo

For healthy and soft hair.

Nicole Hamouche


The Low Poo

After the food detox, discover the world of capillary detox with the Low Poo trend. It's designed to let your hair breathe to restore shine and softness, and the Low Poo trend can literally replace the conventional shampoo with new natural products, without chemical components that attack the hair.
The Low Poo was born in the United States to meet the expectations of consumers who have dry and frizzy hair which is difficult to maintain on a daily basis. Surprise, what worked for dry hair also worked on oily hair. But in the process, it removes natural oils like the sebum that makes up the scalp, leaving the latter irritated. Then your scalp produces even more sebum. The result: constantly greasy hair, therefore more washing and more harm.
Adopting the "Low Poo" method consist of finding a shampoo or a washing base formulated from natural ingredients, without sulphates, silicone, parabens or perfumes that are toxic to the hair fiber.


How to apply:

Pour the Low Poo on damp hair, spreading it over the scalp and lengths, and massaging with circular motions. Emulsify with water, even if there is no foam (be aware that a foam shampoo is not necessarily an effective shampoo). Leave the Low Poo for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly and do not repeat the application.


Crème Lavante au Citron, Christophe Robin

Elsève Huile Extraordinaire Nutrition Suprême Crème Lavante Low Shampoo, L’Oréal

Low ShamPoo, Yves Rocher