4 Fashion Tips You Should Ditch Right Now

Christina Jaber


4 Fashion Tips You Should Ditch Right Now

The fashion scene is becoming so diverse and different that some trends just come and go, others are revived (like the 70’s bell-bottom jeans), and some just become timeless. 
However, hopping on a trend does not always mean looking stylish, you have to nail the art of styling the trend first in order to look stylish. Since I know how some of us aren’t able to get creative in styling sometimes, especially if the trend is actually a tricky and complicated one, I made sure you have a little list of what to avoid doing so that your styling process can come easier, with you allowing the new rules in and getting rid of all the old ones.
So here are 4 fashion tips you should ditch immediately!

Matching your bag and shoe is a must
No, matching bag and shoe colors never gave a retro vibe. It’s just oldies (but not goldies) and not very loved in the fashion scene now. So make sure you mix colors, you add some prints to your accessories and never fear adding a pop color bag or a neon shoe. Step out of the box and unleash your creativity. 


Never mix prints 
While some still repeat this sentence “never mix prints”, the fashion scene is calling for mixing prints, because it’s among the biggest trends. Just make sure, whenever you’re mixing prints, to avoid pop colors and mixing too many colors together. Stay chic but trendy.


Less is more when you accessorize (especially with jewelry)
Did anyone mention the layered chain necklaces? You have to accessorize smartly without exaggerating but at the same time you should be bold and daring. 
In fact, when it comes to jewelry, matching isn’t trendy anymore. Mixing different jewelry colors together is the trend right now: rose gold, gold and silver altogether in one look. So don’t fear layering your necklaces and bracelets and stacking your rings! 


You can’t wear sequins unless it’s a night look.
Says who? Wearing sequins isn’t tied to night looks anymore. Instead, you can even find jeans and denim jackets infused with sparkling sequins, like in the latest Levi’s x Miu Miu capsule collection. You just have to style the glitter the right way with the right designs. We loved when influencer Zeinab Ali Hammoud nailed wearing sequins in a full look.