The Cord Knot Is This Summer’s Cute Bun Hairstyle

Justine Feutry – Madame Figaro


The Cord Knot Is This Summer’s Cute Bun Hairstyle

Summer’s here and that means playful and two-minute hairstyles, so keep scrolling to discover a new fresh, go-to and easy to replicate hairstyle: the cord knot.

The warmer months are here, bringing new habits with them. Whenever it’s hot, we tend to tie our hair more often. However, this summer I don’t want the very traditional ponytail nor the too classic ballerina bun, I am switching for the “Cord Knot”.

We are seeing it everywhere on Instagram, and Glamour Magazine sees it as summer’s it-trend when it comes to hairstyles. The "cord knot" also called "sailor knot", if elevated can be your choice for a wedding just as it is perfect for casual outings or ay work.  But the cord knot, which can look really complicated and taking a long time for a daily ally, is actually less-complicated than it look.  Once you get a little help, it’s done in less than a minute, and Instagram tutorials are the evidence.



How to replicate the cord knot bun? You just have to form a low ponytail that you twist on itself as if to form a small bun. The important thing is to let a loose lock of hair escape, the ends of which are then wrapped around the hairband and fixed with pins.

To give an effortless and laid-back touch to this hairstyle, make-up artist Emma Chen, who offers several versions on her Instagram account, lets a few locks loose. She also emphasizes the importance of using a spray to give hair a texture, because it is this imperfect aspect that will make all the difference.



And to give a more sophisticated touch if you’re going to a wedding or a party, do not hesitate to add some stylish accessories or a floral detail.