Everything You Need To Know About Kobido, The Natural Japanese Face-lift

Samar Maatouk


Everything You Need To Know About Kobido, The Natural Japanese Face-lift

Do you want to look young without having a facelift or aesthetic surgery? The Kobido facial massage is what you need. 

Kobido is an ancestral Japanese facial massage (meaning "ancient way of beauty") designed to rejuvenate the skin and suspend the aging process. As a natural face lifting for Japanese women, this well-being and anti-aging practice does not just tone the skin muscles. It also stimulates the overall circulation of energy bringingtogether no less than fifty precise movements in the face and neck, helping to improve the appearance and quality of the skin for a smooth and plumping effect.


The multiple benefits of Kobido

With its incredible lifting effect, the special technique of this massage helps rebalance the circulation of energy in the face and neck improving skin hydration, elasticity and firmness. Activating blood circulation and the natural production of collagen, it reduces deep wrinkles giving a natural lifting effect. 

Alternatively, Kobido massage brings great relaxation of the nervous system, thus erasing the signs of fatigue, stress, headaches and insomnia. The upper back and neck massage also alleviates muscle tension while the acupressure techniques applied on the skull and eye contour alleviate eye pain and can reduce the bruxism effects and avoid, for instance, facial rigidity.


How does a Kobido session work?

A Kobido massage usually lasts 90 minutes. On a clean face and neck, the technique goes on with a harmonious mix of kneading, pinching, palpating, rolling, rhythmic and regular hand percussions ending the session by rolling quartz stones along the meridians of the face. At the end of the session, you will immediately feel the benefits of the massage: relaxed face, brighter skin, smoother features and a feeling of total relaxation! We recommend you have a Kobido treatment once a month for optimal results.


Where to have a kobido massage?

Skinpro Boutique Spa - Beirut

Discover the Kobido face massage at this luxury boutique spa, dedicated to prevent the signs of aging with the help of a great team of licensed professionals including estheticians, physiotherapists, massage therapists and medical doctors working together to achieve the best result for a natural-looking, beautiful you.




Amlet Massage - Dubai

With services offered at home, Amlet uses the Japanese therapy to restore and balance the body’s energy, releasing facial and neck muscles which favors suppleness and toning of facial muscles, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Book your session now! 



Jaula Spa – Doha

Located within Grand Hyatt Doha, Jaula Spa offers a spa experience fit for a royal with a multitude of treatment packages to guide you on your path to wellness. Using Kobido massage, it helps energizing movements to create a natural face-lift, plumping and lifting the skin, targeting wrinkles, and generating firmness and radiance in the face, neckline and arms.