Pamper Your Hands & Nails With Hermès’ New Beauty Collection

Christina Jaber


Pamper Your Hands & Nails With Hermès’ New Beauty Collection

Introduced in 2020, Hermès Beauty has quickly become a core métier for the iconic French house. Rouge Hermès opened the way for Rose Hermès. And, as nature is something to be nurtured and protected, a third chapter of Hermès Beauty quite naturally unfolds in 2021 with Les Mains Hermès.




This new chapter of Hermès Beauty opens with a collection in which care and beauty echo each other. A complete hand care cream, a nourishing oil for nails and cuticles, a protective base coat, nail enamels, a top coat, and a set of nail files compose a personal yet universal beauty repertoire combining care and color. In a graphic interplay of white and gold bottles and lids, pure and distinctive shapes bring this art of usefulness in beauty to life.

Like the face, hands express our thoughts and feelings. They reveal our personality and tell our story. Les Mains Hermès? A transcription of beauty gestures to care for your hands and restore their full radiance.

The Mains Hermès ritual: complete hand care cream, nail and cuticle nourishing oil, enamel base coat, nail enamel, and top coat


Complete hand care cream certified by Cosmos Natural

This first care product by Hermès, the complete hand care cream, is Cosmos Natural certified by Ecocert, and stands out for its composition of 98% natural ingredients. This exclusive formula, developed by Hermès’ research and development laboratories and made in France, introduces a true ritual. Rich in revitalizing actives, it is an exceptional cream for everyday use.

The formula’s principal plant actives release their remarkable, proven properties. White mulberry extract (Morus alba L.), the hallmark of Hermès Beauty, is its emblematic active ingredient, aeroponically grown to protect the plant from damage. Its smoothing, unifying properties are associated with those of a complex of hyaluronic acid and derivatives, which provide long-lasting hydration for the skin, both on the surface and deep down.


Les Mains Hermès


Nail and cuticle nourishing oil certified by Cosmos Natural

Formulated by Hermès’ research and development laboratories, this Cosmos Naturalcertified oil is composed of 100% natural ingredients. It nourishes and protects the nails from external aggressors through the combined action of five oils with renowned properties, blended with precious mastic resin tears (Pistacia lentiscus L.), white mulberry extract (Morus alba L.), and vitamin E. It contains the essential nutrients required to nourish, hydrate and fortify the nails and surrounding skin, while protecting the area from dryness. The oil also hydrates and softens the cuticles. It is easy to apply and non-greasy, leaving the nails ready for the colour ritual.


Strengthening and protective enamel base coat

A formula containing 69% natural ingredients, protected from the light inside its white lacquered bottle, the enamel base coat is the first step of the ritual. Made in France, it is enriched with precious mastic resin tears (Pistacia lentiscus L.). Its smooth texture, in translucent white, unifies and protects the nails. Perfected by the base coat’s invisible satin softness, the nails are prepared for color while extending its longevity.


Nail enamel, colour at your fingertips




To create rich shades in taut, fine layers, the master-enameller’s palette contains dozens of blues, from Bleu Abysse to Bleu Turquin, Jodhpur, Curaçao and Atoll, as well as an array of reds (Brique, Baroque, Bandana, Jumping…), pinks (Velours, Flamingo, Florida, Cassata…), and greens (Amande, Argile, Lichen, Menthe, Mousse…).


Les Mains Hermès


Hermès’ nail enamel is available in 24 shades inspired by the colours, nuances, intensity, and radiance of enamel. Twenty-four, after the emblematic number of 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Hermès’ address in Paris since 1880


Les Mains Hermès


Twenty-four intense shades made in France, with high concentrations of ultra-fine pigments. A formula composed of at least 71% ingredients of natural origin. Its application is facilitated by a long and supple rounded brush for a precise, uniform and long-lasting result. Lacquered with pure colour, nails come to life


Les Mains Hermès


Top coat, lustre and longevity

The top coat is the final touch. A formula made in France, protected from the light inside its black lacquered bottle, this transparent gel texture produces a long-lasting high-gloss finish. The color is encased in a protective shell for durability. Nails do not catch, instead they shine.