The Eco-Friendly Luxury Accessories We are Obsessing Over

Marion Dupuis - Madame Figaro


The Eco-Friendly Luxury Accessories We are Obsessing Over

Luxury houses are recently investing in sustainability by offering chic and eco-friendly pieces. Keep scrolling and meet the 18 new accessories you are about to add to your wardrobe this season. 


Chloé striped dress

For her first collection at Chloé, Uruguayan creative director Gabriela Hearst, Fashion’s Earth Defender, focuses on sustainability. No more synthetic fibers and hello upcycled vintage pieces, organic silk and recycled cashmere yarns for the knitwear like this long striped dress.


Le Cabas from Loewe

It's called Woven Basket (Le Cabas). It’s hand-woven with scraps of leather from old collections and it's part of the Loewe Surplus Project. A project that uses recycled, upcycled and organic materials to create new, equally beautiful ones. This tote was launched under the leadership of Jonathan Anderson in 2015 and is now one of the classics of the house.


Le Cabas from Loewe 


The Chanel Tweed suit

For the first time in its history, Chanel is launching 4 eco-responsible versions of its legendary Tweed material. Presented in May during the Croisière en Provence fashion show, the collection presents a tweed jacket and skirt with more than 70% of yarns certified by the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and GRS (certifying at minus 20% recycled fibers). 


The Chanel Tweed suit


The black Patou jacket

It is in wool and organic cotton tweed with a removable organic poplin collar. Indeed, at Patou, 70% of the materials in the fall-winter collection are eco-friendly or recycled. A sustainable orientation that Guillaume Henry wanted to promote upon his arrival in 2019. Also, the house presents the innovative and recyclable packaging, from the hanger to the packaging cardboard, and QR codes on each piece which reveal the entire product. 


The black Patou jacket


Vivienne Westwood Corset

Legendary fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has been, for the last ten years, conveying her political and climate ideas through fashion. This season, her iconic corset comes with a motif inspired by a painting by François Boucher integrated on ultra-innovative denim in terms of eco-responsibility.


Vivienne Westwood Corset


Fendi Baguette and Peekaboo

The two iconic designs of the house are now environmentally friendly thanks to the FF Green Intrecciato capsule. Created using the artisanal technique of interlacing, they are available in organic cotton and recycled polyester. Available in green, of course, a symbol of sustainability, but also in dark tobacco, Fendi's signature color.


Fendi Baguette and Peekaboo


The Maison Margiela bag

After Replica that was launched by upcycling pioneer Martin Margiela in 1994, here comes Recicla, a concept that the house's current artistic director, John Galliano, presented in 2020. The idea? Restore or transform existing pieces into clothing or accessories. For the next collection, 5AC bags (each of which has a label listing their origin and period) produced from high-end leather scraps will be offered for sale in limited editions.


The Maison Margiela bag 


The Balenciaga bucket bag

With its cylindrical shape, its upper drawstring, its graphic logo and its multiple variations - black, white, gray, pink, red, with flowers or with polka dots - the Wheel bag by Balenciaga has something for everyone. It is mostly made of recycled nylon for the interior and organic cotton for the lining, which makes it doubly attractive and definitely so chic!


The Balenciaga bucket bag 


Louis Vuitton’s Charlie sneakers

Launched by the end of October, these sneakers are part of Louis Vuitton's sustainable development program called Our Committed Journey. They are crafted with 90% recycled and bio-based materials, but we also love how stylish and comfy they are.


Louis Vuitton’s Charlie sneakers 


The Emporio Armani cape jacket

It’s part of the Sustainable line of the Italian brand, which underlines Giorgio Armani's active commitment to the environment through the use of innovative and sustainable materials, and we particularly like this windbreaker jacket topped with a cape with the beautiful autumnal color. In recycled nylon crepe and regenerated wool, it definitely brings together style and nature.


The Emporio Armani cape jacket 


Prada Corolla skirt

Miuccia Prada's favorite skirt has also been reworked in Re-Nylon, the durable version of the brand's iconic material. This new nylon is obtained by recycling and purifying plastic waste collected in the oceans. And, as a bonus, it can be regenerated indefinitely, without loss of quality. Prada is now using it on a wider range of accessories or clothing that is definitely in tune with the times.


Prada Corolla skirt


Ronald Van Der Kemp couture coat

The Dutch designer says he is the first to have created in 2014 a couture label that respects sustainable development. How? By creating exceptional clothing from stocks of unused fabrics, vintage fabrics or industrial waste. The proof with this spectacular fur-effect coat made from recycled denim and shredded on a bridal lace.


Ronald Van Der Kemp couture coat 


Tod's Tote Bags

Using the patchwork technique, the house is launching a capsule of precious tote bags and pouches made from recycled materials. Called Mosaic, this collection has its origins in a local Italian custom: that of women employed in factories who handcraft small bags for shopping using scraps of leather. An eco-responsible approach that inspired the Italian brand in its luxury cycling process.


Tod's Tote Bags 


Stella McCartney Coat

The great pioneer of green fashion is pushing towards eco-responsibility thanks to conscientious partners, such as her wool supplier Chargeurs, which places animal welfare at the center of its activity. Welcome to its new Nativa-certified wool, a label that guarantees the quality and traceability of fibers throughout the production chain, from the farms where the sheep are raised and shorn to the finished product. A 100% virtuous manufacturing which gave birth to one of its most beautiful oversized coats of the season.


Stella McCartney Coat 


Marine Serre Leather Trench Coat

In just a few seasons, Marine Serre has seduced the fashion world with her radical creations, half of them from upcycling. In the fall-winter season, the designer also showed videos of her recycling work around silk, jeans and leather. This luxurious trench coat is reworked from upcycled leather. Say to the fashion where nothing is lost and everything is recreated.


Marine Serre Leather Trench Coat 


Gucci Sneakers

The Gucci off the Grid collection is made from recycled organic materials and sustainably sourced. Here we have the GG nylon in Econyl (this famous nylon that can be reused infinitely) that was used in particular to create high and low versions of the Gucci Tennis 1977 sneakers. We love the cobalt blue color and that they are eco-friendly.


Gucci Sneakers 


The Hermès Bag

Here comes the Victoria tote in a new eco-friendly version, made of mushrooms.

Hermès made it with the filaments of the mushrooms in association with the canvas H and the Evercalf calf. A high-tech (and patented) process that gives an exceptional natural material that is incredibly soft and chic.


The Hermès Bag 


The Bottega Veneta Rain Boots

Spotted on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Justin Bieber, among others, these boots were created by Daniel Lee, artistic director of Bottega Veneta, in a biodegradable polymer. An object of desire that ticks all the right boxes.


The Bottega Veneta Rain Boots