The Skirt Suit Is Making A Comeback From The ‘60s

Christina Jaber


The Skirt Suit Is Making A Comeback From The ‘60s

There’s no doubt that the nineties and 2000s are taking over the world of fashion right now, but this diverse world never leaves earlier decades out, and the sixties? Never Ever!

The ’60s are making a huge comeback this season, but let’s be frank, was there a season where fashion was not inspired one way or another by the Swinging Sixties? From the miniskirt, to the chain belt and the cute polka dot print, the ‘60s impact stayed on the modern fashion scene, and recently, the skirt suit is booming with A-listers. With its feminine and tailored vibes, influencers and fashion houses are loving it.

We almost see it on every Chanel runway and we still fall in love with it every time: That classy and iconic miniskirt tweed suit coming right from that era will not only make a statement, but will also give a lesson in chic and elegance. 



Many of your favorite celebs have already hopped on the trend that’s beginning to make a buzz on social media. And here’s how they styled the chic and feminine skirt suit. 


Saba Mubarak

Jordanian actress and producer Saba Moubarak, with almost 4 million followers on Instagram hopped on the trend and wore a mini skirt suit (with a cropped blazer) with a pair of high-heel sandals. Talk about ’60/ vibe mixed with a modern feel. 



Nadine Nassib Njeim

As for the Lebanese beauty queen and A-list actress Nadine Njeim, she recently went for the tweed mini skirt suit in baby blue. Not only the buttons of the suit will catch your attention, but also its classiness and elegance. 




Michelle Li

NYC-based stylist and fashion editor Michelle Li went for a minted green miniskirt and cropped blazer suit and style it in a casual way: with a pair of sneakers and socks.