I tried Tinder

Janine Ayoub


I tried Tinder

Tinder is the revolutionary application according to its 50 million users, founded in 2013 to meet new people. A fast, simple and effective way to get to know someone that's gathering more and more followers. According to the founder of the application Sean Rad, each day, more than 3.5 million "matches" are made on his Tinder. Our testers agreed to tell us about their experience.


Krystel, 28, graphic designer

The Tinder experience is frowned upon in the country. "Tinder is for sex". This is the idea that circulates. I still wanted to try it out, because I was curious and wanted to understand why this app was so successful abroad. The truth is that Tinder was my post-breakup therapy. I needed to test my seduction skills, to know if I could still flirt. And to relearn the basics of seduction after 8 years of being in a relationship!
What I liked at first was that I didn't need to answer any detailed questions to fill out my profile: a photo, a name, my age and that's it! The photos of the potential dates scroll and I click on "yes" or "no". A little like here and there, a guy who shows his abs... Another who's rather cute, located not too far from my home... and this is my match. A man named Louis. We met the next day at Starbucks. Nothing out of the ordinary there. We met to get to know each other better. Why not. But for him, I was an easy girl. Easy enough for him to invite me to spend the evening at his place. I politely explained to him that I wasn't looking for just sex, or great love. A simple date, and I'll see where it will lead us. The next day, no news of M. Louis. It stopped there. Most men on Tinder are there to have fun. No strings attached. The good thing about this app is that you don't spend weeks talking to the person before you meet. You meet very quickly and there's nothing virtual about it.


Alain, 32, engineer

A friend made me download the app, although at first I was against the idea. With my busy schedule and my job that I prioritize over my personal relationships, I don't really have the opportunity or the time to meet anyone. Tinder makes it easy for you to locate people nearby. For the moment, I didn't meet any girl I wanted to know more about. You should also understand that the girls you like don't necessarily respond. We are often rejected, yes! Even though I've never fallen in love, Tinder allowed me to spend fun evenings, meet interesting young women, other weird ones...

Krystel and Alain's experience confirms the conclusion of the University of North Texas's study. According to the study, one of the cons of Tinder would be the loss of self-esteem of male users who are more rejected than women. The study states that men who use Tinder are more stressed and have lack self-confidence. Given the comments of our two testers, we should use Tinder in moderation, just for fun and no strings attached!