Meet Rasha Khawly Sarkis A Rising Lebanese Talent in Fashion

Hanane Tabet


Meet Rasha Khawly Sarkis A Rising Lebanese Talent in Fashion

Photo: Sharbel Bou Mansour / Makeup: Hilda Dagher / Hairdressing: Georges Mattar / Stellar Suit, Metallic Belt - Rash

She has more than 200,000 followers on her Instagram account, who are regularly spotting her stylish looks. From fashion influencer to designer, Rasha Khawly Sarkis has taken the big step with the launch of her label RASH, in collaboration with the famous Lebanese boutique Dolce Farfalla. A collection that is chic, sensual and glamorous, and which we had the pleasure to discover during our photoshoot.

Her Instagram account is full of inspiring outfits, intimate moments with her family and dreamy landscapes. Rasha Khawly Sarkis makes her hundreds of thousands of followers dream, but that does not prevent her from staying balanced, and constantly renewing herself. Far from being just the beautiful girl with the stylish looks, she knew how to seize the opportunity and meet the challenges. Lebanon is going through rough times, it's true, but Lebanese women never give up, and it's when everything seems bad that you have to invest. Hence the launch of a Lebanese label, in the midst of a historic and unprecedented crisis. Because Lebanon is all this: an infinite love for life, and a strength that nothing breaks. The beautiful fashion designer is obviously the image of her brand. So we met her during our fashion shoot, to learn more about RASH, her collaboration with Dolce Farfalla, her projects and her dreams.

“The Queen Of Hearts” Red Taffeta and Tulles dress – RASH / Headband – Aura by Carolina

You just launched your label RASH, what made you take this step?

Passionate about fashion since my childhood, I have always sought to embrace trends with my personal touch. Over the years, I have discovered that the only way to share my style with a wider audience is through creating stylish and quality pieces.

What was the source of inspiration for your first collection?

I wanted to imagine a collection that is cool, casual, sexy and chic at the same time. My goal is to dress the contemporary woman with a trendy style while enhancing her individualism.

Your vision of fashion?

Fashion is a way of expressing yourself and giving free rein to your creativity.

Your style?

It’s first and foremost a mix & match to create a unique outfit that reflects the mood of the moment and also my personality. I always strive to stay up to date on trends, while tweaking them to suit my personal style, far from a collective uniform.

“Moon Glow” Jumpsuit – RASH / Gold Necklaces – Sophia Beirut

What did you learn when you created your first collection?

The launch of my RASH label was made possible thanks to the invaluable help of Dolce Farfalla, their experience in fashion made things easier for me, because you have to know that launching a brand is a long and difficult process that is full of obstacles, but is worth it. It is therefore necessary to surround yourself with a talented and dynamic team.

How has the pandemic impacted you?

On a personal level, I noticed how we take the simple little things in life for granted, whether it's a little outing with friends or organizing an event to launch a collection. Professionally, the pandemic has of course slowed production down, but it has taught me to be more patient, to savor every moment and to work even harder.

The first thing you plan to do when the pandemic is over?

Plan a great event to launch RASH, surrounded by my friends, my family, my team and my clients.

Knotted Up blouse with minimal straps – RASH / The City Walk Pants – RASH

Your projects?

I have just launched my label in Lebanon, and my project in the coming months is to conquer the international market, by looking for the markets that will be the most receptive to my brand, and by adopting a good development strategy with my team.

What do you usually do to relax?

I am a mom, a wife and an entrepreneur, disconnecting is practically impossible! In fact, the process of creation is a form of therapy for me. I have never felt so fulfilled; finally sharing my fashion tastes with a large audience, and seeing my creations come to life fills me with happiness.

Puffed Out blouse with metal detailing - RASH / Hand painted Leather Shorts - RASH / Jewelry from The Play Collection – Gendr

Mtor Biker in Burgundy – RASH / Gold Earrings – Gendr

High Collar Leather Cascade – RASH

Three basics in your wardrobe?

A white shirt, jeans and a nice leather jacket.

Your beauty routine?

It might sound cliché to you, but beauty really comes from within. Taking care of yourself on an emotional and psychological level will reflect on our skin and make us look more serene, and therefore more beautiful. Cosmetically, the base is essential, hence the importance of facials and a good moisturizer. As for makeup it depends on my outfit and my mood.