She juggles elegantly between her role as a mom and her career as a social media star. DANA HOURANI reveals her philosophy of style.


Dana Hourani is an influential, bold, and unique artist who mainly defined herself as a mother, but the web and the world of fashion see her as a muse that everyone should follow. The fashion and music lover shares her discoveries and her favorite moments on her Instagram and Snapchat accounts, but also on her famous website. Effortless is the word that fits perfectly with this beautiful brunette. She plays with codes and trends with natural ease, revealing to her many followers some brands that are sometimes unknown to the public, and she can't help but share her love for luxury homes from time to time. She doesn't think twice before revealing her private life and her proud family, and she does so with a chic modesty, which is one of the things that distinguishes her from the other girls on the web. With her refreshing sense of style and urban appearance, she mixes designer pieces and more affordable brands, all with an infinite accuracy.


My sites:
Soundcloud, Youtube and Spotify. Music has always been a priority in my life.

My favorite Instagram accounts:
Camille Charièrre (@camillecharriere) and Yasmin Sewell (@yasminsewell). They both have an infallible instinct for fashion.

My e-shop:,,

It allows you to express yourself and show your personality but it must be done naturally and effortlessly. Fashion is not about wearing clothes, it's more of a message sent from these selected pieces. My motto: to inspire and to be inspired.

My style:
Comfortable classics twisted with a touch of originality. I'm always searching for inspiration around me, hoping that I can inspire others.

It's no longer associated with pearls or heels, I think it's the comfort and the natural that highlight the elegance of a woman.

My fashion addictions:
I'm addicted to shirts, but also to jeans, sneakers and I would always go for a beautiful jacket.

Life without heels...
It's very doable. I collect shoes, but I have a real weakness for the sneakers. Wherever I go, I always have a pair with me.

My favorite creators:
I love Jonathan Anderson and Céline. But I also like the Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida duo who are behind the English label, Marques Almeida.

My fashion icons:
Leandra Medine, because of her very personal style. She does her own thing, does everything she wants and chooses her looks to please no one but herself.

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