Dior, Sephora, Yves Rocher... 2022 Beauty Advent Calendars Have Arrived

Justine Feutry – Madam Figaro


Dior, Sephora, Yves Rocher... 2022 Beauty Advent Calendars Have Arrived

This year again, the brands are at the rendez-vous with their Advent calendars. On the program: skincare, makeup, nail polish, organic products and even products for men.

Every year, it has become an unmissable event. A few weeks before the countdown to Christmas, the brands unveil their Advent calendar. If children (big and small) are waiting impatiently for their chocolates, many are those who prefer beauty-oriented surprises. It must be said that the brands are all developing calendars, each more desirable than the last. Travel formats, limited editions, dedicated goodies... everything is designed to make us wait in beauty. On the program: skincare, makeup, perfume, nail polish, but also candles, bath products and bathroom accessories.

Dior Advent Calendar, 24 products - skincare, makeup and perfume, €480.

Lancôme Advent Calendar, 24 products - skincare, makeup and perfume, €149.

My Little Box Advent Calendar, 24 beauty and lifestyle surprises, from €55 for subscribers and €69 for non-subscribers.

Clarins Advent Calendar, 24 products - skincare and perfume, €112.

Jo Malone Advent Calendar, 25 products - perfume, candle and decoration, €395.

Compagnie de Provence X omy Advent calendar, 24 care and bath products, €67 at Sephora.

Diptyque Advent Calendar, 25 candles and perfumes, €400.

Oh My Cream! Advent Calendar, 25 skincare and make-up products, and three golden tickets to find to win pieces of the ceramic brand Three Seven, €165.

Aurelia London Advent Calendar, 12 skincare products, €144.

L'Occitane Advent Calendar, 24 products in a reusable fabric format, €199. Possibility to buy only the refill€ 99. And two other formats are available for €59 and €119.

The Body Shop Advent Calendar, 25 products, €90. Also available in two other formats at €55 and €130.

OPI Advent Calendar, 25 polishes, €85 at Sephora.

Nuxe Advent Calendar, 24 of the brand's iconic skincare products, €79.90.

Susanne Kauffman Advent Calendar, 25 face, body and bath products, €450.

Rituals 3D Advent Calendar, 24 emblematic products of the brand as well as four candles to light during Advent, €99,50. Available in 2D (€69.50) and premium (€149.50) versions.

L'Oréal Paris Advent Calendar, 24 iconic skincare and makeup products as well as the brand's latest releases, €89.99.

Kiehl's Advent calendar, 24 skincare products, €99 of which €2 are donated to the Refuge Foundation.

Calendar with 24 skincare and make-up surprises, Fresh, €353.

Advent Calendar Niche Beauty, 25 products of various brands, €295.

Sephora Advent Calendar, 24 Sephora products, €44,99. Also available in a premium version at €69,99. And in a calendar version after, €24,99 and €29,99.

Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar, 12 skincare and makeup products, €185.

La Provençale Advent Calendar, 24 skincare and make-up products, €89.

M.A.C. Advent Calendar, 24 make-up products, €195.

Benefit Advent Calendar, 12 makeup products, €70.

Granado Advent Calendar, 12 products from the Vintage fragrance range, €130.

Yves Rocher Advent Calendar, 24 products care, bath, makeup... €39,99. Also available as a New Year's calendar, €24.99.

Bourjois Advent Calendar, 23 makeup products and an Emma et Chloé jewel, €119.

Blissim Advent Calendar, 24 products from different brands (Caudalie, Pai, Nuxe...), €64.

Pretty Little Things advent Calendar, 24 different brands of skincare and makeup products, €50.

Barbara Sturm Advent Calendar, 24 care products, €495.