Brazilian Blowout vs keratin

Which one would you go for?


Brazilian Blowout vs keratin

Every morning is a race against time! Your hectic schedule doesn't often allow you a little break at the hairdresser? What if you were thinking about a more permanent solution?

Brazilian Blowout and keratin are smoothing treatments that help protect, soften and relax hair. Both treatments suppress frizz and add shine to your hair, but brazilian blowout is often the preferred option. Here are the two techniques:

The Brazilian Blowout or the hair treatment that our stars love so much
Procedure: The hair is first washed with shampoo and dried with a little moisture. The product is then carefully applied to sections of the hair. It's then dried and smoothed with a flat iron. The hair is then thoroughly rinsed to remove the product and apply a mask. Finally, your hair will be dried again for the final result. The procedure lasts 90 minutes and promises more gentle and shiny hair for 3 months.

The advantages: The results are visible as soon as you leave the salon. You can wash your hair the same day, tie them etc. Your hair is stiffer but never weighed down, easier to style but with volume.

Keratin treatment:
Procedure: Your hair is first washed before being completely dried. Subsequently, the product is applied and covered with a cap for a period of 20 to 30 minutes. The hair is then dried and smoothed flat. Clients leave the salon with the product on their hair.
Unlike brazilian blowout, keratin should stay 72 hours without hair washing. You can not even attach your hair during these 3 days or pull them behind your ears!

The advantages: After the smoothing based on keratin, the hair is smooth, fluid and disciplined.

The downside: More aggressive than brazilian blowout, the use of keratin-based care on the long term can damage the hair, making it brittle or exposing it to hairloss.