These 3 Breakfast Menus Can Save your Day

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These 3 Breakfast Menus Can Save your Day

Barely up and already tired. Every morning, the observation is the same. The key to remedying this situation can be found, among other things, in the content of the morning meal. Let's see how it works.

If some people agree that waking up is rarely smooth and painless, some are more difficult than others, and it happens that as soon as you get out of bed, you already feel tired, without energy. While this feeling is the result of many factors, the content of breakfast can help remedy the situation. Jeremy Gorskie, a dietician who shares his dietary advice on his Instagram account @menthebanane, reminds us: "food has a central role on fatigue. Thanks to our metabolism, we are able to transform what we ingest - the proteins, fats and carbohydrates present in food - into energy".

To do so, and in addition to ensuring that you have these three nutritional contributions on your plate, you must make sure that you eat foods rich in tyrosine (such as eggs, bananas, salmon and cottage cheese), which is an amino acid that is a precursor of dopamine, a booster of motivation and vitality," the dietician informs. In addition, tryptophan (present in dairy products, eggs, or dark chocolate), and precursor of serotonin (the happiness hormone), is as for him important "to fight against nervous fatigue." Here are three suggestions for breakfast menus; for sweet tooth, savory or smoothie lovers.

Sweet tooth

On a toasted "Rich in tryptophan, the banana helps to fight against stress, while the spice helps to regulate blood sugar levels and thus avoid a hypoglycemic peak," which will make us hungry, explains Jeremy Gorskie. As for the type of bread, it can be white or wholemeal, but that doesn't matter here, because its glycemic index will be reduced thanks to the other ingredients on the menu.

To accompany this sweet breakfast, you can also eat skyr, a yogurt of Icelandic origin which has "the particularity of being rich in protein and calcium while being low in fat", explains the dietician. Finally, you are free to choose the drink you want to have.

A taste of saltiness

Add half an avocado and one or two slices of smoked salmon to a slice of toasted bread. The avocado, rich in fiber and phytosterol, increases satiety and fights against cholesterol. The smoked salmon contains omega 3, useful for concentration and good cardiovascular function. "Its proteins also guarantee a feeling of satiety and maintain muscle mass. Be careful, however, to choose it with care, because of the possible presence of heavy metals. You can also replace it with an egg, also rich in proteins and omega 3.

Craving a smoothie

In a blender, blend a handful of spinach leaves, half a banana, half a mango, a large teaspoon of peanut butter and 2 tablespoons of oat flakes. Finally, add a vegetable drink, and adjust the quantity according to the desired texture. These ingredients, in addition to helping to reduce fatigue, will also "make the drink much more satiating than a simple fruit smoothie," concludes the dietician.