Mimia Leblanc, Red Star

Playful and naughty, the jewelry creator plays with fashion


Mimia Leblanc, Red Star

Her Instagram account sets the tone. Playful and sassy, Mimia plays with fashion.

A lily falls on the neckline of Haifa Wehbe, Kim Kardashian takes a selfie with her ring signed Mimia Leblanc Paris, a rather curious tiara also decorates the fingers of Zuhair Mrad... It seems that the beautiful Moroccan has conquered the hearts of the A-listers.

She’s rather prudent when it comes to her personal life, she prefers to talk about her career. She finally confesses being in love; his name? "Just my heart!". Lebanon has also won a big part of her heart. This eternal lover needs to vibrate to live, and Beirut knew how to make her heart vibrate more than 6 years ago.

She still remembers her Parisian shopping escapades with her mother Khadija, "an elegant lady who loved fashion and makeup" from whom she inherited her thirst for aesthetics. Her beauty ritual is simple. "I only swear by the Moroccan argan oil that I add to my day cream and shampoo, a real natural asset!". Her pure oriental beauty and her diaphanous skin have a unique kind of glamour, an oriental Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, also her icon.

She was born in Casablanca, and grew up in Paris while her future was built in the land of the Cedars.

After studies in communication and advertising, Mimia lands in the world of fashion. Personal Shopper at Osman and then at Bon Marché department store, Mimia developed her network and opened her own personal shoppers and makeover agency in Paris, "Fashion Affairs", in 2005.

Fashion is above all an instinct for Mimia. Because a look remains incomplete without jewelry, and because each piece brings with it its story, she got carried away to the world of jewelry. The beauty icon launched her own line of jewels. A collection that reflects her own personality, royal and audacious. Fresh and easy to wear jewelery.

You will find crowns and tiaras, but also  the fleur-de-lys, symbol of purity and of the French monarchy, and the cat, both playful and noble, just like her. She describes her latest creation with fervor that only passionate people know.

What if she was a precious stone? "I would be an emerald." It is the stone of the bull and the month of May. "But above all a stone known for its virtues of inner peace and harmony on the physical, mental and emotional levels”, she adds.

Her plans for the future? "Married with two children, and I have already chosen their names: Bashir and Jasmine."

With her expansion projects in France, Morocco and the United States, Mimia will go a long way. Meanwhile, a small break for Paris fashion week!