How to Wear a Biker Jacket Like a Pro

Sarah Renard - Madame Figaro


How to Wear a Biker Jacket Like a Pro

The nervous leather is no longer reserved for those who ride a bike. The jacket is now part of the everyday wardrobe.

There are a thousand and one versions: short, long, thick, oversized, fitted, cut at the waist, sporty ... For two seasons now, the biker jacket is making a comeback in the wardrobe, the models are declined at all costs in many fashion shows. We find it colored, for example in blue and red at Marni, in shades of burgundy at Isabel Marant or in a metallic leather at Diesel. Of course, there are also models with an authentic style, inspired by the technical jackets published by motorcycle manufacturers Yamaha, Helstons or Duhan, designed to protect bikers. The trend is gradually taking hold, and is even infusing the locker rooms of celebrities, many of whom are adopting it: Bella Hadid, Rosalia, Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry and even Jennifer Connelly are all making appearances in colored biker jackets.

Difficult to wear on a daily basis? Not so sure. Under the impulse of the bikercore trend that erected in 2022 the aesthetics of bikers as a figure of style, designers are multiplying proposals so that this piece initially designed for motorcycle trips, finds its place on the silhouettes of everyday life. Each one brings his own touch, his own creative universe... But it emerges that in general, the advent of this trend is played on two points: the proportions and the mixture of styles. Example, in three silhouettes.

Black, grained, thick and rigid, the biker jacket is authentic at Courrèges. With its straight cut, shoulder protectors and tongue collar, it still bears the scars of its origins, a true allegory of the biker. However, some details are revisited, such as the sleeves, longer, open to the wrists. The outfit with which the leather jacket is matched shares only the color: black denim skirt slit in the front, tight crop top and shoes with light socks. The mix of radical materials and sexy cuts creates all the interest.

Maxi jacket, minidress

Wearing a biker dress is also a matter of proportion and crossing universes. This silhouette, with its sophisticated look, ticks both boxes. The garment is here entirely diverted from its sporting use and is found at the antipodes of the circuits, even if we find reminiscences of protection, which act on this silhouette as ornaments. The contrast between the two pieces is obvious: a small evening dress very short and veiled, and the leather jacket, raw and thick.

Embodiment of a perfect mix between sportswear and femininity. Langorous and close to the body, the outfit is almost feline. The faux leather here is more flexible, more docile. Cropped and curved at the navel, its pockets are high and it gives the impression of following the instinctive movements of the wearer. As if she had slipped into this tight-fitting suit and it had taken her shape. Proof that the most roaring of biker jackets finds its place without difficulty in the wardrobes, most often in a sexy register.