Annabella Hilal Wins and Donates Money for Resala Charity

She Beat Ahmad El-Sakka on his show
By Vanessa Haber
22 May,2020

The Lebanese host Annabella Hilal was yesterday’s guest of the Ramadan entertainment show "Ighleb El Sakka", hosted by Razan Maghrabi, broadcast on MBC Channels. It is the Middle Eastern version of “Beat The Star”.

During the episode, Annabella competed with the Egyptian actor Ahmed El-Sakka in many entertaining game shows. Anabella Hilal was able to collect more points than Ahmed Al-Sakka after playing many games.

As for the last game of the program "Colors Memory", Anabella beated Al-Sakka, and won an award of 100,000 EGP.

Annabella donated this amount to "Resala" association in Egypt, which helps families in need and provides them food and medicine.


"Eghleb Al Sakka" show is competing other entertaining programs during Ramadan, and it seems that it is achieving success as every episode becomes a trend on the internet. The show invites stars from Arab countries to compete with Ahmed Al-Sakka in many unusual games for about an hour and the winner gets to donate the money for a charity.