Beauty tips for the Holiday season

Shine bright with the perfect makeup
By Helena Saadeh
12 Dec,2018

C shape highlighter

If you want to add shimmers to this already shimmery season, we highly recommend that you put or dab your highlighted in a C-shape around you eye and never in a straight line. If you put it in a straight line it will not be evenly distributed and it will cause your face to flash in pictures.

Shimmery eyelid

With all these decorations and sparkly colors, you might as well apply some to your eyes. Shimmery eyelids are always a solution for all your Christmas parties, whether they’re for work, friends, or families. Don’t overdo it because you don’t want to end up too glowy on the upper part of your face with the highlighter and all. Pick a color that suits you and your outfits and dab a bit with your brush or finger in the corner of you eye, making your way slowly to the middle.

Lipliner 101

Long, lasting lipsticks? USE A LIPLINER! It’s no secret but people tend to forget it a lot. You’ll be drinking, singing, eating, and probably kissing under that mistletoe, you might as well stay prepared and safe when it comes to your lips. You have two options here: pick the color of your lipliner very similar to that of your lipstick, or choose a *slightly* darker shade to give texture to your lips.

Pink blush for a wintery feminine feel

Winter has a lot of surprises for you, and red spots on your face are not good ones to be honest. So, in order to get the perfect winter-look we suggest you add a little pink blush on the line between your two cheeks passing through your nose. Don’t put to mush powder on the brush, but this soft stroke will give you a cozy red cheeks style that will make people melt in this cold season.

Mascara fixes everything

Always keep it in your purse because it is the most powerful of all tools. Mascara in no time gives volume which makes your eyes brighter and prettier. But that’s not it! If you’re running very late and you only have mascara, you can slightly -with an emphasis on slightly- set your eyebrows and fix them using the mascara wand. The upper face will look ready to be photographed! Make sure too you have the lip balm too in case of beauty emergencies.

Picture: Cynthia Samuel in Justy H. MakeUp.