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5 Fall French Tips Nail Ideas You’re Going to Obsess Over

By Christina Jaber
08 Oct,2021

Nail art is the cherry on top to every look you pull, and either puts you in the fashionista category or leaves you out of it. So do you want to dazzle with your nails this fall?

When the Fall season is here, we feel like the whole mood starts to change and we shift from fresh and fun to autumnal and mysterious, with our wardrobe, our beauty routines, our hair and even our nails. Nail artists have proven that nail trends are among the most essential changes when it comes to the season-switch.

This fall, we are investing in some of the trendiest nail art ideas, and so far the classic French that turned trendy is our first stop.

Meet the trendiest fall French tips nail ideas that you’re going to obsess over. Calling nail artist now!  


Two Tone Frenchies

We’ve been spotting the two-tone Frenchies everywhere on Instagram and we love the combination. Our favorite very autumnal duo is right here: chocolate or mocha and white French tips. These nails will look perfect with your fall palette knitwear. 




Black & White

Black and white can seem so classic  but that’s not the case here. We spotted them very elegant and soft: one French tip is black and the other is white. Do not hesitate to opt for these nails with all your fall looks, especially the formal ones. Talk about sexy evening looks!




Fierce French

When was the last time animal prints were out of style ? Never ever! So what about some fierce french nails with the sexy leopard print in beige and black ? have everyone looking while you rock these beautiful nails. 




Love tips

Valentine’s Day is not here yet but who said you can’t celebrate love with your nails this fall? The French classic line came as a heart and we are obsessed. Style these nails with full black and daring outfits to add a touch of fun and narrow down the boldness. 




Reverse French Manicure

For trendier and creative ways when you feel like French nails, you have the reverse French manicure where the line sits down instead of on the tips. Not only t’s a trendy way of having the French nails, it’s so classy and elegant at the same time, and it’s versatile so you can team these nails with all your looks.