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5 Ways for Adding Crystals to Your Skincare Routine

By Farah Fala
21 Jun,2021

With an increasing interest in maintaining glowing skin, crystals have found their way into skincare products. Thousands of years ago, several cultures have used crystals as a healing element. The Gua Sha, which was used in Chinese medicine to treat the body from toxins, is today a modern facial technique to reduce tension and facilitate healing. Also, the facial roller having two crystal ends increases blood flow and reduces puffiness as you massage your face.

Each type of crystal has a certain benefit to your skin. Here, are five ways for incorporating crystals into your skincare routine.


The Dome Hexagonal Crystal Roller from Solaris Laboratories NY 

Commonly known as the love stone, rose quartz is a powerful gemstone that refreshes your skin and reduces stress and puffiness under your eyes. It reveals your skin glowing and velvety. This roller is inspired from the shape of Fullerene having two rose quartz balls at its ends.



The Dome Hexagonal Crystal Roller from Solaris Laboratories NY




Alchemy of U - Facial Crystal Chakra Grid Set from Solaris Laboratories NY

Pampering yourself is no longer only at the spa. With this set of six crystals, relax and enjoy your ten-minute skincare routine. They will reduce stress and rejuvenate your skin. Sure, the experience is worth a try!



Alchemy of U - Facial Crystal Chakra Grid Set from Solaris Laboratories NY




Crystal Micellar Water from La Prairie

Micellar water can remove your makeup effectively. With its crystal-enriched formula, it maintains your skin well hydrated and soft. It is your ultimate choice after wearing makeup all day long.



Crystal Micellar Water from La Prairie




White Jade Gemstone Roller from Knesko

White jade is best known for its de-puffing effect on your skin. It also has an anti-aging effect by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Its flexible roller design ensures a gentle massage process that promotes the absorption of serums, oils, and moisturizers by your skin.



White Jade Gemstone Roller from Knesko



Crystal Waters Mask from Salts by Hendrix

Facial masks are known for their amazing effect on your skin; they purify your skin, smooth it out, and maintain its moisture. Crystal-enriched masks are even more beneficial: they boost skin hydration and reduce skin pigmentation when infused with Vitamin C.


Crystal Waters Mask from Salts by Hendrix