5 affordable earrings celebrities wear

Beware of the paparazzi flashes!
11 Dec,2018


Hoop earrings

Jennifer Lopez

Less is more! With simple golden hoop earrings, you can make any outfit formal in no time. Whether you’re out to dine with your friends or on a date night, a statement golden pair of hoops will give you a high-profile look. Don’t forget to keep your back straight and your chin high.

Hoop resin earrings

Vanessa Hudgens

Whether it’s in hairstyles, earrings, or dresses, Vanessa Hudgens always knowns how to set trends. With her glamourous earrings, anything will look stylish! You can wear them with denim, dresses, and formal attire.

Drop earrings

Gigi Hadid

It’s a classic fancy look. Dangles or drop earrings will be a perfect balance between the outfit and its accessories. You can spice up the upper part of your body with a cool bag, stylish shades, and dangle earrings.

Solo earring

Olivia Culpo

The solo-earring trend is so in right now. A dramatic statement piece in just one ear can go with literally anything, so if you’re unsure about which accessory to choose, you now found the answer! If you don’t feel like going solo, you can choose the mismatched option, with one tiny stud in one ear and one oversized earring in the other one.

Statement earrings

Dana Hourani

For the readers who don’t like typical earrings, you can always cross the comfort zone and go extra. Lebanese influencer Dana Hourani gave such a perfect example with these Lako Bukia x Natia Khutsishvili gold plated metal Dragon earrings. It’s always a good idea to try new things and find out the style that suits you best.