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Female-only Fitness Venues in Dubai

By Christina Jaber
19 Oct,2021

It’s unnegotiable: People in Dubai really do take their fitness and sports routine seriously, and if you’re ever going to ask how we know that, it’s because of the number of fitness venues and gyms in the country.

The modern woman living in Dubai really needs her own comfort zone where she can release all the stress she’s holding on to, and get all the daily toxins out, so she can be in a better physical and mental shape.

This comfortable space you are looking for lays in the female-only fitness venues in Dubai, where you can find the better version of yourself and train harder than you think you can.

We have listed 5 of the best female-only fitness venues in Dubai for you to make them your perfect routine.


Fit n Glam

If you love pink-ish vibes and a community of strong and challenging women, then this new sports hub is your go-to. Enjoy unlimited gym access and some fun classes through their valuable offers.





Motion Fitness Ladies

It’s where you can scream “Girl Power” out loud and find a whole supportive audience of women. This ladies-only boutique fitness center in Dubai values the importance of supporting women in finding their motion.





Curvalicious Fit

It’s the female-only boutique studio that covers all your needs. You can enjoy Pilates sessions, signature strength classes, yoga, and boxing at Curvalicious fit. Get ready for some action!





Fitness 360

This venue is a mix between a gym and a fitness center which allows you to unleash the beast you’re keeping inside when you choose among the wide ranges of classes. We heard that their Zumba class is highly recommended, so why not?