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How to Choose an Ocean-Friendly Sunscreen?

Protect yourself and the marine life
By Caroline Revol-Maurel / Madame Figaro
24 Jun,2020

Every second, 800 ml of sunscreen is pouring out into the waves… Therefore, let's choose the best product!

Every summer, we find ourselves busy applying sunscreen on. There are some sunburn preventions to make: renew sunscreen application every two hours; avoid sun exposure between 12 and 4 pm; choose the best sun protection factor (SPF) to your skin type.

However, as soon as you go for a dive, half of the sunscreen will be spilled into the water and invades marine ecosystems.


3 criteria to have a good sunscreen


Mineral filter

Chemical filters can contain endocrine disruptors, which are harmful to humans and to marine life as well. Thus, we prefer mineral filters, also called "natural" or "physical". However, do not misread "organic filter" labels, because it is actually a chemical filter.


Without nanoparticles

Sunscreens that fade away immediately after applying it on the skin, contains nanoparticles, which lighten its texture. The downside: nanoparticles penetrate the skin and even the blood, it also spreads a lot easier in water.


High water resistance

This property should be a regulation. It is a sunscreen that resists water and does not spill and spread in the waves. Also, it provides you better protection.


Reduce Plastic

Once these 3 criteria are acquired, do not forget to reduce plastic packaging as much as possible, for example by buying large containers. As plastic pollution is the first enemy of the ocean!

When testing a sunscreen without nanoparticles for the first time, you may find it more difficult to spread or complain that it leaves a white veil on the skin. This depends on the formulas.


Clean brands are making more effort in order to create better textures without using nanoparticles. Anyway, it is best to put it first in your hands to apply it easier on your skin. As for the white layer, it is now the latest trend among surfers, who are the first to request sunscreens that protect the ocean life.


Ocean-Friendly Brands


Laboratoires de Biarritz

Two ocean lovers launched this brand in 2011. It offers organic products with the least impact on marine ecosystems. The company supports the Respect Ocean association.


Seventy-One Percent

Launched by two surfers, this label presents the surfing lifestyle with perfect products.



It is a Strasbourg startup launched in 2019, combining within its products, cosmetics and commitment, as it is the partner of NGO Octo'pus,  which replants corals and collects plastic.


EQ Love

Another ocean lover who created the “combi-stick”; combining sunscreen and lipstick with SPF 50.