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The Best Laser Hair Removal at Home

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By Vanessa Haber
21 May,2020

Instead of shaving your hair or having experience painful waxing to remove unwanted hair, women are using the IPL home devices to get ready for summer!

Summer is almost here and we need to wear skirts, shorts, dresses, show off some skin as soon as possible. Thus, you need to make sure to remove unwanted hair effectively to get a silky-smooth skin. No need to get a laser session appointment any more, as Laser hair removal device are becoming more home friendly to use.


What is laser hair removal?

 It is a process in which lasers are directed towards your skin, targeting the hair follicles and destroying part of it after each use. Home laser hair removal devices don’t actually use lasers but intense pulsed light IPL, which destroys your hair follicles with heat. It is important to know that home lasers have a much lower energy output than laser removal treatments in professional clinics, where dermatologists know exactly what to do and they’re trained for it. This makes home laser device safer to remove hair on your own.


Home laser devices features

Laser hair removal is the better alternative for traditional home hair removals which are temporary and less effective. Check out the laser hair removal home devices’ features:


Easy to use

You can remove laser hair at home without assistance and in a safe way at home. Therefore, you should follow the instructions in the manual that comes with the device, to avoid any unwanted mistakes.


Less costs

Home laser hair removal devices will definitely save your money, compared to the expensive costs of laser treatment sessions. However, you might not get results right away with home laser hair removal devices, because of its low energy, and depending on the nature of your hair growth. Laser hair removal devices may give you results from 6 months to a year.


No pain

You will not feel much pain with laser hair home removal device, unlike traditional and temporary hair removal home methods. It also removes hair more precisely compared to traditional methods.


Disadvantages of laser hair removal device

You should be aware of the fact that some home laser devices don’t work on certain hair or skin type, for example some devices are ineffective on darker skin tone and blonde hair.


How to use laser hair removal

  • First, test skin sensitivity by passing the laser device over a small area on your body.
  • Clean the lens and put it on the device.
  • Place the device on the skin in a perpendicular way.
  • Choose the appropriate level of energy for each area you want to remove hair.
  • Remove the hair and when done, clean the lens and clean it with a dry towel.

For better results, use the laser after shaving, not after waxing.


Laser home hair removal devices



Silk’n Infinity At-Home Permanent Hair Removal

This IPL device is our favorite because of its handy size, customizable energy settings, and its ability to safely remove hair on all skin tones.




Tria Beauty Precision Hair Removal Laser

This laser hair home removal device is the best for precision, thanks to its long-contoured shape, which makes it easier to target small areas like bikini line, underarms, and upper lip. Also, note that this device isn't intended for darker skin tones, it is only  for light to medium skin tones and for brown or black hair.




Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 Latest Generation IPL Hair Removal

This laser hair removal home device is equipped with 300,000 flashes of light with 10 energy levels which allows you to remove unwanted hair effectively from different areas of the body.