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The Checkboard Nails Are the Season’s Hit

The Queen’s Gambit Obsession at its best
By Christina Jaber
10 Dec,2020

A fresh manicure is a perfect way to elevate your look and add a little something extra to your outfit, and to make sure you’re always on top of beauty trends. Our editors’ mission is to discover the hottest trends out there, and after spotting and trying fun and happy nail art trends this fall, we’re pretty sure this trend is set to take over your digits: The checkboard nails. 

Check print has been one of the biggest fashion trends this year, and you are falling for the nail arts that came out of it if you are spending the tail of 2020 mastering your chess game à la Queen’s Gambit, like we are. 

Thanks to all the talented nail artists out there, recreating the chess board came in different and creative ways that can sometimes be easily recreated at home. While the black and white edition is the most common, colored styles are also as cool. 

To add a fun vibe to your nails now that we’re heading towards the holidays, experiment with out-of-the-box color combinations, or you can add some motifs and update the trend. 

For you to get inspired, we have gathered the best checkboard nails to inspire you for your next trip to the manicurist, or you can simply try them at home if you’re on with a steady hand.